Prison management is a formidable task and especially when the numbers of inmates are too high to handle. Administration and management of Indian prisons have a daunting task, which include time consumption processes and human errors in administering records. The Prison management find compilation and analysis of data difficult due to lack of data and information accuracy.

For example, the prisons cells in India use conventional locks and keys and prison management is unable to track unauthorized access or track the usage of that key.

The conventional mechanical locks and keys are plagued by multiple vulnerabilities, mechanical Keys in prisons are usually distributed to users or stored in a central location, which requires suppliers to spend time to collect and return those keys, Once distributed there is no control over where and when the mechanical key is used. There is a lack of trace-ability on how long, where and when the mechanical keys are used.
Not only it is impossible to track the usage of the mechanical key, they can easily be copied, or lost requiring frequent replacement of existing locks and keys. Mechanical locks can be picked, bumped and drilled easily.
The conventional lock-and-key system with mechanical padlocks to lock all cells, gates, dormitories and quarantines is soon going to be a thing of the past and will be replaced by mechatronic padlocks and electronic keys.

Usnatek offers mechatronic locks and electronic keys management system enabling prevention of unauthorized or indiscriminate handling of keys. The Mechatronic locks can not be picked or bumped and are very difficult to drill whereas the keys cannot be copied thereby increasing security of the prison, the electronic keys provide time based access rights, both keys and locks have a memory that provide information when the key was used (date/time) and when the lock was opened and closed. If someone tries to access without having rights, that will be stored in the key and lock. If the key is lost or stolen, nobody can use it as provisions are available to permanently disable it. Managing the keys will also become easier as a single key could open as many locks as possible depending on how it has been programmed.

The management will be able to generate reports from the software , which would provide highly accurate information for analysis.