8 Reasons you need to move your patrol operations to cloud with QR-Patrol

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The COVID’19 pandemic has put businesses under enormous stress to adapt to the constantly changing conditions. At the same time, it highlights more than ever how they can leverage on cloud services to continue running their operations at the desired levels. Below we are listing 8 reasons on how QR-Patrol cloud


COVID’19::: How to overcome crisis in your business?

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The world is trying for its big restart after the prolonged lockdown measures put in place. The new normal requires changes and is a challenge for companies and organizations in order to achieve their goals and keep all individuals involved satisfied, but most important SAFE. Our solution is the no1

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services::: How to offer High Quality Services?

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Yes, you have made the right decision by starting a security guard agency. It has good returns if protocols are followed right. Always remember as your business grows, more customers will need your services. With more clients seeking your organization, you will need to implement control systems to take care


System Updates::: Copy Mobile Forms & Select Coordinates from a Map

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Select Checkpoint Coordinates from a map The system now comes with a useful coordinates-picker tool for your checkpoints! To use it, simply select a checkpoint, press “Edit” and pick the location you are interested in from the map – the system will automatically fill in the coordinates for you! Tip:

Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Duties::: 9 Points CheckList

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Communities, whether small or large primarily depend on trained security personnel to guard their homes, businesses, and public offices. They count on security guards to patrol their property to deter criminal activity, lock and open secured gates, operate surveillance cameras, and so much more. Security guards should be alert, vigilant,
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