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The Digital Transformation of physical security for business, solutions that can actively deal with outside and internal threats simultaneously

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Usnatek was founded with the objective of introducing smart technologies to India – to make businesses more efficient and people’s lives better – and to help companies leapfrog to the next level in their physical security.

Digital Disruption Transforming Traditional Metrics

The digital transformation couldn’t come at a better time for physical security. Enabling the connection between IT, security, and IOT  data across the enterprise, which leads to a heightened situational intelligence, reduced risk, and the integration of critical business processes.


What We Offer

Bringing solutions for today’s digital and physical risk, combining IT, Security, and IoT in a secure automated platform, click on the product on right to know more about it.

QR Patrol

QR-Patrol is the smartest real-time and on-line guard tour and patrol system helping security companies and organizations to manage their security guards efficiently.


My lone Workers

My lone Worker is the smartest real-time monitoring system to manage your Lone Workers in an efficient way.(Safety monitoring system with man down)


Acsys Padlocks

Smart padlock lock offers both security and flexibility, letting you control access to critical infrastructure with your phone. (mechatronic padlock)


Where to Start?

Unfortunately, todays physical security measures, strategies, and tools are behind the curve — even more so in comparison to the digital technologies, we have available. Many businesses are actively focused on a digital transformation, and for good reason. The first step is to start from within and requires a deep dive into your organization and its strengths and weaknesses

Once all stakeholders understand the implications of isolated plans and processes and the importance of a converged approach of IT, Security and IoT, you can begin to implement the right technologies to achieve efficiencies and greater situational awareness.

It will take some time to reach the point where physical security solutions are actively synced up, but that’s what the digital transformation is all about. You will get there, and that’s what matters.

A Call to Action – Physical Security Action Plan

When preparing an action plan and coming up with ways to deal with potential events, one of the first things any company must do is conduct a threat assessment. It deals specifically with understanding how and where attacks might come from, and what can be done to prevent or mitigate damage.

 Eliminating Security Silos-  The Disruptive Approach

Digital transformation involves the integration of digital technology from all areas of the enterprise into the security infrastructure. While digital transformation is exceptionally promising for the physical security industry today, the fact is that not everyone will survive the journey

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