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What We Do

Setup & Settings

Arrange for a free consultation with our Business Intelligence Specialists to find out how to turn your data into actions via specific reports and metrics and set up the system to provide you with the right tools to use to help your business scale.

Daily Periodic Check-ins

You get daily check-ins as well as periodic expert tips and best use notifications so you can be confident that you are using your account efficiently, effectively, and focus on the work that truly matters: providing excellent services to your clients.


We will create a personalized training program for your company based on your QR-Patrol version and specific requirements, guide you through the system, help identify the right tools to use for your success, and save your team the time of learning themselves.

API Integration

The API can be used to extract information from the QR-Patrol system, as well as perform a set of actions and use QR-Patrol data for your own needs! The possibilities are endless: Integrate CRM, ERP, Customized Reports, etc.

Bulk data upload

Having a large number of clients or guards, entering data to set up the system is time-consuming & complicated, let us upload this data for you, ( Base, pro, Gold users)

Custom Reports Creation

Gold Subscribers, We Customize your reports according to your needs and of course make use of metrics to spot issues in your work-flow and improve productivity!


Are Managed Services Right for You?

Many firms do not have the resources to properly staff and support their own security operations. However, they still need fully integrated, standardized, and scale-able physical security systems and operations. Our proactive approach and deep understanding of patrol software provide’s a  sophisticated and thorough monitoring solution.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

You deserve quality services; investing in QR-Patrol Managed Security Services is investing in your business.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

Our Managed Services automates common activities and provides full life-cycle services to provision, run, and support your security infrastructure, with Qr Patrol Guard Tour Monitoring Software.








We take you through a customized journey to achieve the capabilities and value you need. Our automated toolsets, extensive ecosystem and experience make complex processes fast, easy and secure.

Our expertise will deliver the services you need faster. With efficient, agile and scale-able capabilities in place you can focus on developing better services and experiences for your people or customers.

We adapt and tailor our services to meet your individual size, demands, and fluctuating usage requirements. Your resources become liquid—available as needed and paid as consumed, ensuring fit for purpose solutions.

Digital disruption isn’t coming – it’s already here.

Our Servies enable affordable, scalable digital transformation that solves dilemmas today and prepares your enterprise for the future.