The concept is very simple. Our Web application QR Patrol and MyLoneWorker helps to monitor that offices are cleaned and/or workers are cleaning the office premises or not.

There are various facilities in our application which would be helpful in this situation:-

  • Tracking- We can track the worker activities that sanitization process is going on timely as per the feature of schedule and forms.
  • MME: Using MME, You can get the images, videos as a valid proof that sanitization is being done.
  • Forms: Mobile Forms are available which is compulsory to fill and can get the details which office area is cleaned or which needs to be cleaned. For More Info: Click Here.
  • Scanning and Scheduling: Place the QR Tags on each workstation and create the schedules and you can get the information that all the workstations has been sanitized or in processing.
  • Incidents: You can use this facility to inform about specific problems and/or alerts. There are many cases for this like-

– In case people trying to enter in the building by skipping sanitization, you can create Incident like this and can click images for proof.

– Incidents such as social distancing not been followed can be captured through pictures.

  • Reports: You can get the all reports of workers on daily basis, weekly or monthly as per your need to check whether they are doing their work properly or not.



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