Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Duties::: 9 Points CheckList

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Communities, whether small or large primarily depend on trained security personnel to guard their homes, businesses, and public offices. They count on security guards to patrol their property to deter criminal activity, lock and open secured gates, operate surveillance cameras, and so much more. Security guards should be alert, vigilant,


How our System is playing a vital role in sanitizing the offices?

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  The concept is very simple. Our Web application QR Patrol and MyLoneWorker helps to monitor that offices are cleaned and/or workers are cleaning the office premises or not. There are various facilities in our application which would be helpful in this situation:- Tracking- We can track the worker activities


How to generate more revenue with a security guard checkpoint system?

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The world today is filled with chaos from robbery, arson, and violence to extortion and vandalism. Therefore, hiring a security company is vital for any organization to carry out its operations safely. There are countless security agencies in the market, but how do you make yours stand out from the


Introducing the new Actions Log feature in the web application!!!

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Have you ever been in a position where there has been a change in the settings of your QR-Patrol account but you were not aware of which user made that change (and why)? The Actions Log feature in now live for GOLD accounts! This feature is essentially a “tool” to monitor all the actions


QR-Patrol empowers you to fully manage your patrol operations from the safety of your home!

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The world is going through unprecedented times with prolonged lockdown measures put in place. Inevitably, this affects the way we conduct business too. So, systems that are flexible and can be managed remotely are needed more than ever. We provide no.1 easy-to-adopt/easy-to-manage software as a Service tool, meaning no need for
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