Man Down Functionality Explained

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What’s Man Down Functionality One of the major concerns of any security guard company is to ensure guards’ safety and protect them against dangerous situations and urgent alerts. Tracking and monitoring is a necessary procedure so as to achieve it, but what if a guard comes up against a situation


How to assign the Sensor Clip (Man-down functionality)

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 Download “MetaWear” application on your smart device from your respective marketplace (Playstore or Applestore)  Copy the Address code under the clip of your interest, as seen in the picture on the right        Enter the QR-Patrol mobile application and press on Settings  Under “Man Down Functionality”, press “Clip


Timeline is now available on the web application!

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In response to our customers’ feedback and feature requests, we are thrilled to introduce you to QR-Patrols’ latest feature: Timeline. Timeline tab offers you a view of all the “actions” recently performed/ to be performed according to your schedules, enabling you in that way to get the overview of what’s done and


New feature added on the web application: Geo-fencing!

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Our team is constantly working on further upgrading the system capabilities; we are excited to present our latest addition on the web application, Geo-fencing feature! Using Geo-fencing, the Monitoring Center can be informed of whether a Checkpoint is scanned by the Guard within its pre-defined area or not! You can manage Geo-fencing for some


New Auto Refresh Feature!

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You asked for it and we made it happen; the Web Application now supports Auto Refresh, so that the Admin is notified about the new events sent by his Guards without the need to press any button! All you have to do in order to get it to work is: – On the Events
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