External Panic button feature is now available!

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One of the major concerns of any security company is to ensure guards’ safety and protect them against dangerous situations by responding instantly to urgent alerts. QR-Patrol ensures protection of Guards through many ways, including the SOS button existing internally in the mobile app, as well as Man Down functionality. Driven


New feature added: Forms!

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Do you want to give more detailed checkpoint instructions to your guards? Do you want them to answer a series of questions after they perform an action? Do your guards need to write even more detailed reports to send to the Monitoring Center? Do you want to keep all checkpoint-related


Multiple Access Levels are now available with the New Branches!

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We are thrilled to announce that the New Branches are now available on QR-Patrol system! Using them, you can: Better organize your account according to your company branches You are also enabled to provide your company Users with their own credentials to access the web application and have respective view of the system based


New feature: Add your own custom maps to the Web application!

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Here at QR-Patrol, we have been working hard to provide you with new, unique features such as to ensure that you have the best user experience! We are excited to introduce you to the latest such feature, driven by your very own requests: the ability to upload your own custom maps


7 Amazing Tips to Reinforce Safety in Hotels

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Ensuring Asset and Crowd safety is of great importance for Hotel facilities; The Management has to minimise all theats and risks, while at the same time maintaining a pleasant environment for its Customers. If you are worried on how to achieve this, consider the following Top 7 Security Tips for Reinforcing Safety at your Hotel
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