Anti-Drone presentation during FICCI Smart Border Management 2017

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Usnatek is a 2015 Indian startup coming from the opposite direction — it provides anti-drone security solutions. “We are in complete agreement that drones are here to stay,” said co-founder Sahil Dass. “At the same time, drones pose risks to safety, security, and privacy.” Although there is a ban on


3 proven ways to deliver the best results to your clients

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The core of every wealthy and successful Security Company is their customers satisfaction; Your guards have to perform efficient patrols on their premises, and your clients need to have piece of mind: that means that they need to be ensured that their assets are being safeguarded, and informed of any Incident


QR-Patrol system architecture: 12 key-points to trust QR-Patrol services!

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Here at QR-Patrol, we aim to ensure that you have the optimal experience using our system; this includes not only providing a user-friendly and powerful User Interface, but also ensuring that your data is transferred and stored securely and that you can use QR-Patrol 24/7! We’ve taken all the necessary measures so


External Panic button feature is now available!

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One of the major concerns of any security company is to ensure guards’ safety and protect them against dangerous situations by responding instantly to urgent alerts. QR-Patrol ensures protection of Guards through many ways, including the SOS button existing internally in the mobile app, as well as Man Down functionality. Driven


New feature added: Forms!

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Do you want to give more detailed checkpoint instructions to your guards? Do you want them to answer a series of questions after they perform an action? Do your guards need to write even more detailed reports to send to the Monitoring Center? Do you want to keep all checkpoint-related
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