The new and improved Forms Feature!

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Our Forms feature is one of the most useful and important tools that the QR-Patrol system has to offer. And it now comes with a new element: images! But first, let us explain what the Forms Feature is: Forms can be used to send instructions to your employees, ask them


Checkpoint Comparison: QR-codes, NFC tags or Beacons?

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QR-Patrol is a Real Time guard tour system which skyrockets the efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to upgrade their services via technology. One of its basic features is that it can connect different sites with the use of checkpoints But what exactly is a checkpoint? Checkpoints


Essential Tasks of Security Guards:

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If you are the owner of a Security Company, you may be wondering what the main duties and responsibilities of a Security Guard are. What does a Security Guard do? Should you hire them to monitor CCTV or to physically protect your premises? Is there any additional training required and


Man-down functionality- How to assign the Sensor Clip?

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In the below guide you can see how to assign the sensor clip so as to enable Man-down functionality.   WEB APPLICATION In the Web Application, enable the “Man Down” setting for specific Guards, by accessing the Company>>Guards page.               MOBILE APPLICATION Enter the


Man Down Functionality Explained

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What’s Man Down Functionality One of the major concerns of any security guard company is to ensure guards’ safety and protect them against dangerous situations and urgent alerts. Tracking and monitoring can help with that, but what if a guard comes up against a situation without being able to send
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