QR – PTT is now available for iOS

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QR-PTT Push To Talk is an easy to use PTT over IP client, developed for lone workers communication or other colleagues and co-workers interaction. It can be used by companies that need to be in constant communication with their employees, to give instructions, make comments, report incidents in real time by


How to insert and assign beacon checkpoints

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On a previous How-To guide lesson, we showed you how to assign NFC tags and QR-Code checkpoints to your assets. Under this lesson, you can learn how to insert and assign our latest checkpoint type, beacons! Add beacons Click on the “Company” button on the left of your navigation bar, and


How to manage your Schedules with the updated QR-Patrol version!

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Listening to your valued feedback and driven by our passion for innovation, we have updated the way Schedules are managed at the newly released web application! New, unique features enhance the Scheduling Scheme and offer advanced user experience! Take a moment to check our video tutorial and learn more details!


What’s Man Down?

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Now, you can ensure your Guards’ safety and health status by using the Man Down functionality of QR-Patrol! Guards and Lone Workers that need to perform patrols by themselves, without any close or direct supervision, don’t have to worry anymore! Using Man Down functionality, the Monitoring Center can be alerted of any urgent situation,


QR-PTT Updated Version Released!

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Now you can easily communicate instantly via a Push To Talk over IP application! QR-PTT is an Android application, developed for lone workers communication or other colleagues and co-workers interaction. QR Push to Talk improves work communication and efficiency, reducing communication costs and minimizing communication deteriorations. The workers can carry only
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