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Manage your Security Guard Remotely through Mobile Phone – Adapt your Security operations and mitigate risk

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It’s sure times are tough. But should we stay passive and let our businesses decline? Definitely no. QR-Patrol can play an important role in keeping your security operations up and running and minimize the effect of the Covid-19 situation for your business. Safety and Security are in high demand nowadays.

Work From Home

Urgent Prevention Actions due to Corona-virus Emergency

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Dear partners, Following the recent urgent situation we inform you that our company is taking immediate prevention actions to limit the spread of corona-virus (COVID-19). At the moment, our major priority is to protect public health as well as the safety of our employees and their families. In addition, we


Fully prepared for remote work

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Usnatek, in recent emergency due to coronavirus, has responded immediately so as to protect its staff and workers health but also the general public health by taking all necessary actions inside the building of the company. At the same time, we are now fully prepared in case remote work is


System updates: Incident Priority & Guard Phone Number Field

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Companies managing many sites are in need to prioritize their Incidents such as for their employees to easily spot and report Incidents depending on their severity. Today we’ve added a new Incident Priority feature, which allows you to prioritize your Incidents according to your needs; here’s how it works: While


Advanced customized reporting tool is live: Create your own reports!

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The Advanced customized reporting is now live for GOLD accounts, allowing you to choose from our evergrowing collection of advanced reports or create your own! But what exactly can you do with your Advanced Reporting Tool? In a word: everything! Create your own Dashboard Customize your reports according to your
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